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Hints and Tips

Indoor crates are ideal for dogs of any age, creating a space that they can retreat to and consider their own. They can also be used for training and transport, making them an absolute must for dog owners!

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It is important to choose an appropriate treat to reward your dog’s good behaviour. Different dogs will be motivated by different types of treat and it is important to determine what your dog loves the most

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Caring for your Dog hints and tips

Owning and caring for a dog is great fun and immensely rewarding but it is also a big responsibility. Dogs have very complex needs so looking after them well can be challenging. Check out our articles for hints and tips on caring for your canine.

Caring for your cat

Whilst cats are very solitary creatures they are without doubt loving and loyal companions. Cats retain much of the biology and behaviour of the wild cats they originated from, this means they have very complex needs that must be met if they are to be kept healthy and happy. Check out our articles for hints and tips on caring for your cat.

Caring for your small animals

There are many different species of small animals that make wonderful pets, each with their own wonderful characteristics and special requirements of care. Browse through our selection of articles on caring for small pets.

Caring for poultry pets

Chickens were one of the first animals domesticated by man. The main attraction for many potential owners is the prospect of fresh eggs, although they also make great pets and add character to any garden. Birds can be incredibly rewarding pets, and while they don't require quite as much time and energy as a dog, they certainly need their share of care and attention.

Caring for your horse

Looking after a horse is hard work, and takes a lot of time and commitment - although the reward is worth it!

Unless you're using a full livery yard service you'll need to be present to take care of your horse at least once a day, so knowing exactly what you need to do to take care of them will make it much easier to fall into a routine.